Students set to support Otis

Logan French
Illustration by Logan French

Bendigo artist Logan French has his pencils poised for the city’s newest must-do event.

One lucky bidder at next month’s Gallery Gala auction will go home with an original work by Logan, with proceeds going to the Otis Foundation.

Event Management and Marketing students with Otis general manager Rachel Mason.
Event Management and Marketing students with Otis general manager Rachel Mason.

It’s all thanks to the Bendigo campus Event Management and Marketing students.

The students are in full swing organising the event at the Bendigo Art Gallery, to raise funds and awareness for the Otis Foundation.

Simply buying a ticket helps provide an overnight ‘stay’ for a guest living with breast cancer at an OTIS retreat.

Students expect to sell around 250 tickets and provide a significant contribution to Otis’ work.

Food, wine, music, a raffle and auction will bring the gallery to life. And in the midst of it all will be Logan, creating a one-off new work of art then and there.

“My involvement has stemmed from student Grace Jeffrey,” Logan says.

“Grace is helping organise the event and has believed in and supported my work for some time, so when she asked me to help I was more than happy.”

Logan’s whimsical, heart-felt characters have a way of winning fans.

He says he has no plans for what will happen on the night, apart from someone buying his finished piece. And enjoying creating something in the gallery.

“Like a lot of artists around town I have gone in and sketched and thought while in there, but to create a finished piece will be nice,” he says.

The students hope this event will be the beginning of a supportive relationship with Otis.

The Gallery Gala is on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Tickets can be purchased at:

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