Alumnus Kira’s high wire international business act

Story by Stephanie Beer

Running a business wasn’t something Strategic Communication graduate Kira Hyde ever really imagined herself doing. Running a successful blog? Maybe. But a registered, money earning, legitimate business wasn’t on the agenda. It wasn’t until she had finished her studies and was about to jump on a plane to England that it crossed her mind.

“I registered a business under my own name, I got my ABN, I got a bank account set up and I let myself start dreaming, just in case,” she said. While she was unsure of what the business would be, she didn’t want to be unprepared.

Since February, Kira has been travelling around England with her partner Jessinta, an international circus artist. The initial plan was to take some time off to focus on herself and her relationship, one that had been long distance for almost three years while Kira was attending university.

She spent her days exploring new towns, writing a blog and filming circus acts, but that wasn’t enough to keep her creative mind entertained.

“I decided that I had to start earning money,” she said. “I’d had a paying job since I was 15 and I knew I needed to do something with my skills. It was an easy leap – I love designing websites, so I started designing my own. I joined business and travel groups online, then I started advertising my copywriting, design and social media skills.”

And so, Kira Hyde Creative was born. A branding and web design studio that catered to business women wanting to elevate their online presence. The next step? Find clients willing to work with someone with minimal experience and reputation in the industry.

Kira credits a subject she completed while at La Trobe with helping her prepare for this aspect of her business. The Agency is a subject where students work with external clients on communications-based projects. One of Kira’s projects was working one-on-one with a local business coach, helping the coach take her online business to the next level.

“It was great that La Trobe gave me a platform to be able to confidently approach businesses and entrepreneurs and ask them if I could help them in some way with my communications skills,” she said.

Kira’s experience with the Agency gave her the courage to advertise her business on Facebook, offering her skills at a discount in order to get her name out there. In only one night, Kira received over 40 emails from business woman wanting to work with her and pay for her services.

“I totally freaked out,” she said. “I was like how am I going to do this and not screw it up?”

Kira reached out to multiple clients she was keen to work with straight away and Kira Hyde Creative officially began. What started as her passion project – something she could do for fun and to occupy her time while on the road – turned into paid work that she quickly realised was her dream job.

“Every time I work with a client and I give them the outcome they want and I see that smile on their face or I hear it over the phone, I’m just so happy and blessed that I can do that,” she said. “I get to collaborate with so many amazing, like-minded business women and people in the industry. Every single day I think more and more this is what I want to do, this is my dream.”

Since her first paid job in April, Kira has built a reputation as someone who is dedicated to her clients. So dedicated that she would travel to another country for them.

“For one client I had, she told me how much she loves the Scottish Highlands. I was close to the border of Wales at that point and I went to my partner and was like look, Edinburgh is only two hours away. Let’s jump on a train next week and let’s go.”

Kira and Jessinta spent the day in Edinburgh walking the streets, visiting the castles and soaking up the atmosphere. Inspired by what she saw, she created a logo and brand for her client that featured purples and greens, the colours of the Scottish Highlands.

The travelling lifestyle was something of a concern to Kira when she first started the business. Would clients in Australia want to work with someone who was in a time zone that is nine hours behind?

“Every time I finish with a client I send them a feedback response. I want feedback, both positive and negative. Never has there been a client say that the travel is a negative,” she said. “One has even said I’m like that little fairy that works while they’re sleeping. I’ll do all the work while they’re sleeping so that in the morning they know the work is ready for them, and yet the project never sleeps.”

Travelling around a different country with a circus may not be the norm, but it has given Kira a new outlook on where life can go, and being surrounded by passionate creatives is something that inspires her daily.

For Kira, running a business on the road means she does not need to sacrifice her relationship for her career. Jessinta lives out her dream by night, performing in front of thousands of circus goers every week, and by day, Kira lives out her dream through Kira Hyde Creative.

“I still get to do everything I wanted to, but I do it from the comfort of our travelling lifestyle,” she said. “I have the freedom to follow my dream and be with someone who is following theirs, not letting either of our goals hold us back.”

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  1. Ms Stephanie Beer, Your story was a delightful insight into my darling Granddaughter Kira and her lovely partner Jacinta. They really love what they do which is a credit to both of them. When you find a career that keeps you so involved is one of lifes wonderful blessings. Kira had a lovely visit in Cairns with her family. We really miss her and both her and Jacinta have grown into two lovely, caring adults.
    With kindest wishes and know you will carry on with your career with as much enthusiasm as my girls. Mrs. Jenny Hawgood

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