Prospective students inspire postgrad adviser to head back to uni

Has the Covid-19 pandemic got you thinking about the future? Bendigo Campus postgraduate course adviser Stephen Rimmer has seen some patterns emerge among potential students post-pandemic mayhem.

“Students currently have the headspace to reflect, reset and question what they want to accomplish with their career,” he says. “I think new working patterns have favoured postgrad opportunities and professionals are seeking job security as well as a potential career change.”

Stephen is just the person to speak to, as a new Master of Business Administration student, he’s practicing what he preaches.

“For me, it was a timely change,” he says on combining work and study. “The MBA had been on my mind for a couple of years, but the role I held with the university allowed me to take on additional studies.

“I spent 2020 speaking to many students in the community who all had a ‘reset’ experience because of COVID-19. It prompted me to think of my future and how I could fulfil my career aspirations and goals.

“I think it’s normal to have moments where you feel your development is stalling. La Trobe’s MBA is flexible and tailored for working professionals. I learnt the MBA program had a strong reputation for developing subjects that are built on industry experience.”

Stephen already had a raft of experience to bring to the classroom.  He graduated from the University of Wales with a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Public and Social Policy, then held management roles in retail and hospitality before becoming a liaison officer for the Department of Education in Minister Tierney’s office.  “This role was fantastic, which gave me insight into the organisation and dynamics of a government department while learning the complex nature of ministerial responsibilities.” 

Stephen says combining work and study can be a challenge; he’s currently completing a subject every six weeks, studying on evenings and weekends. “At least you know, it’s only six weeks; this is what the MBA is about – commitment to learning new skills,” he says, adding the first-hand experience is great to help equip others.

“Often prospective students need to know, is now the right time for me? I can help them understand what study loads may look like, how can they organise their week, and the emotional commitment it takes to put yourself back into the study environment. In the end, the postgrad experience is unique but highly self-rewarding.”

Stephen expects those rewards to include career opportunity and security.  “I want to have a diverse range of roles in the future, from start-ups to big corporations,” he says. “I want my skills and experiences to be transferrable to move around Australia in a range of sectors. Although I do think to the future, workforces are changing quickly, and I want the skills and qualifications needed to give me job security in my later years.”  

Applications are now open for a range of postgraduate courses. Chat to Stephen about the Bendigo Campus MBA, or any postgrad course by booking a consultation.

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