To rinse or not to rinse? It’s an art! And Dentistry student Hao has the answer.

You may think studying Dentistry is all about the teeth, but for third-year student Hao-Qian Leung, it’s the profession’s beautiful combination of art and science that’s got him hooked.

“Being able to work with your hands and create something that may improve someone’s oral health is something I really enjoy,” Hao says.

We caught up with Hao during Dental Health Week to ask what’s the top piece of dental health advice he’s learnt that he regularly applies to his own life?

“I think my favourite piece of dental health advice is probably to spit your toothpaste out after brushing your teeth instead of rinsing your mouth with water,’ he says. Simple!

“I think it’s my favourite because people often find it kind of gross in a way as they’ve been rinsing their mouth with water their whole lives and can’t fathom keeping small amounts of minty toothpaste in their mouths after brushing. To be honest I felt exactly the same when I found out about this technique. However, when I learn that it maximises the time in which there is fluoride in your mouth and helps reduce tooth decay, I instantly changed.”  

It’s not the only change Hao has made in the past few years. “Honestly, dentistry was never my first option coming out of high school,” he says. “I was actually a pharmacy student before all this but the more I went through it, I felt like it was just what I wanted to do. I really wanted to do something more practical and hands-on and that’s when I stumbled upon potentially doing dentistry. After that I haven’t looked back.”

Hao says the best part about his Bendigo course is the camaraderie among the students, of all year levels.

“I think the course fosters a community where people are willing to help each other out when needed and I really appreciate that,” he says. “I’ve also really enjoyed participating in the Bendigo Oral Health and Dentistry Society events. I’ve really enjoyed how they’ve run events which help first years integrate into student life and the events run throughout the year are always fun.

“Honestly, I’m not too sure about what I plan to do after graduating. I still have a lot of studying before I get to that stage, and I’ve begun to realise I have so much more to learn about dentistry. Hopefully once I graduate, I can be in a position where I am able to best help as many people as I can and really help them get the smiles they want.”

Happy Dental Health Week to Hao and co…  

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