Tasmanian wilderness awaits Bendigo students and bursary winners

Outdoor Education students Joel Hodge and Oscar Reeve-Palmer are planning to fulfill another extreme adventure dream thanks to both being awarded The Mob bursary – a scholarship for members of the student club.

“Learning we were successful in our application was incredibly exciting,” Oscar says.

“It meant the Tassie trip we had been dreaming about was finally going to become a reality. We could start planning, and purchase the permits needed for certain areas we would be travelling through.”

The pair will soon spend a month in the Tasmanian wilderness, unsupported.

“Our degree requires a high level of technical skill and confidence when travelling and living outdoors,” Oscar says.

“This trip will allow us to develop those skills as we will have to not only plan and prepare for a month in the wilds of Tasmania, but also survive that month unsupported.

“The time away will force us to push through a broad array of conditions and dial all out systems.” See the pic below for an example!

For Joel, the journey will be an extension of what he loves about his course.

“After trying another degree and spending some time working on personal projects, I finally realised that I loved the outdoors more than anything,” he says.

“I then also realised that I wanted my work to be in the outdoors as well, making Outdoor Education at La Trobe the obvious choice. I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do post uni yet, but I suspect I will be spending some time working on skill development.”

Oscar grew up with a family who loved nature and fostered in him a strong passion for the outdoors. He hopes his Tassie trip will be a prelude of more adventures to come in Australia’s Apple Isle.

“Being able to introduce people to natural places and the many benefits it reaps was my main drive for enrolling in the Bachelor of Outdoor Education course,” he says.

“After I have finished the degree, I hope to move back to Tasmania and guide in some of the stunning World Heritage areas.”

While The Mob is the student club of the Outdoor Education course, students of all Bendigo courses are welcome to join and partake in the social life of the campus’ resident adventurers.

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