Home and away for physio student

Around one in 200 Australian students are home schooled. In the Central Goldfields that statistic would be even slimmer, which makes Nathan Jordon’s story even more unique. As the middle child of seven Nathan spent the first ten years of his schooling learning from the family farm at Talbot. “My earliest recollection is of mum... Continue Reading →

Laughing in the face of deadlines

You think you wouldn’t read about it, but you can, World heritage listing considered for Bendigo Telstra phone booth, Man wears green bag as hat and La Trobe uni student’s study habits border on the insane. Just jump onto satirical news site The Bendigo Standard and it’s all there in full colour. Psychological Science student... Continue Reading →

Taking tea with Julie Andrews

How does a person go from pottering with paint at home to landing some of the city’s biggest art commissions? We’ve met Julie Andrews in Chancery Lane to find out. El Gordo Café serves proper pot tea for the occasion, but that’s not the only draw card in meeting here. Just outside the café door... Continue Reading →

Paint on walls for graduate show

There’s a strong waft of paint fumes coming from creative arts. But it’s not what you may think. There’s not a pot to be found in the top-floor studios, the raw materials packed away as the year closes on classes. No, the chemical scent is straight from a 10-litre tin of white wash ‘n’ wear... Continue Reading →

Research hub develops in a cycle-obsessed city

  Forget gold, Bendigo is on the way to being famous for something else of value. Cycling biomechanics research. Cool, hey. Exercise physiology lecturer Rodrigo Bini says biomechanics research is popular all over the world, “but if you filter that down into who’s doing cycling research, it’s only a handful of places”. And we’re fast becoming one... Continue Reading →

Secrets spilled as students make history

Students of Bendigo’s Bachelor of Arts Making History subject have given voices to those long silenced this year. A host of history projects have just been made public, online and in the campus library, airing forgotten and never-before-told tales of heartbreak, struggles and intrigue. Archaeology and history lecturer Emma Robertson says the subject aims to... Continue Reading →

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