Around the world in 30 days

Ever wondered where a degree in planning could take you? For one group of students, it’s already led them to seven cities in two countries in one month. Last year’s International Planning Tour visited places as diverse as jam-packed Kyoto, Japan, and Portland, USA – known among students […]

Starry, starry life

For IT student Jack Tougen, childhood was spent far, far from a computer screen. There’s not even electricity where he comes from. Until the age of 12, Jack lived with his grandfather on the tiny island of Paama in Vanuatu, completely off grid. His village had no power, and […]

Snap happy gap year on show

She spoke a different language. She was from a different world. But there was no interpretation needed at this moment for photographer Julie Hough and her 83-year-old subject. Julie had been travelling around Myanmar, Burma, with the help of a guide who spoke the local language. “He had […]

Fate in Central America

We love this photograph of Tarlee Thompson, 4000 metres above sea level, on top of Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala. On top of the world. All those thoughts it conjures about expanding your horizons, they’re pretty well spot on, too. Since Tarlee graduated from the Bendigo campus with a Bachelor […]

Chasing shining moments

Outdoor education graduate Nick Covelli focuses on life’s silver linings; on the break of a wave, the edge of a sunset, in the moments others may deem a downer. Once, when the nature photographer and filmmaker was shooting a commercial for Queensland Tourism, one of his kayaking talents […]

Christmas wishes to come true

This month Bendigo kids start counting the sleeps until a special Christmas arrival. But the man in red has nothing on Sophia Swai. Her children in Tanzania are likewise crossing dates off a calendar. They’re waiting for their mum to come home for Christmas. Sophia has been studying […]

Smart move for all students

Bachelor of Strategic Communication student Willa Whitewolf says anyone new to uni should do themselves a favour and enrol in Smart Skills. The pre-uni program equips students for the year ahead, ensuring a smooth transition into academic life. For Willa, it demystified many of the fears she had about returning […]

Jasmin set to pay it forward

Jasmin Bradshaw is sitting in The Exchange café, opposite the Bendigo Bank headquarters. On the other side of the glass wall, bank employees are spilling out of the building for their lunch break. Suited, walking tall, going places. Jasmin once dreamed of being one of them, and today […]