Celebrating Nerida’s story

Occupational therapy lecturer Nerida Hyett is completing a PhD based on community health and innovation through OT. She was asked to contribute her story for the book Celebrating Bendigo Women, which was launched last month. Here, we re-publish an extract of Nerida’s story. It’s an inspiring account of a Bendigo […]

News to nursing

The Tertiary Enabling Program is a pathway to university for many mature-age students. For Jade Arbuckle, it became the bridge between her past and future. Jade was working in administration at the Bendigo Advertiser when an ad for the program crossed her desk. In a serendipitous moment, she […]

Working out through uni

A paramedicine, planning and nursing student walk into a bar… and all walk out with casual jobs. Three students share what they’re doing to pay their way through uni in Bendigo. There’s no mention of Mexico on a Monopoly board. Likewise Alonso Navarro didn’t expect to find burritos way south […]

Students have Bendigo’s support

Are you thinking of starting uni in second semester? There are many benefits to choosing a regional campus. For one, Bendigo students soon find they have the added benefit the city’s support while studying. La Trobe’s Regional Reward guarantees work placement as part of the campus’ many courses. Bendigo […]

Three’s company at living arts

Have you ever heard of the ‘rule of three’? The theory goes that a trio of things are funnier, more satisfying and more effective than other numbers. Cue artists Lyn Cole, Mari B-Li Donni and Sharon Greenaway. Eighteen months ago the La Trobe alumni formed the group 3 AMPS, […]

Material girls

We’re at Morley’s Emporium, central Bendigo, and the soundtrack to Monday is on high rotation. “We don’t usually play Beyoncé, but we’re closed today,” says Jodie Wiegard. “Our music is usually a little more edgy, but on Mondays I like a bit of cheeky Beyoncé. A bit of […]

Art cuts to the quick

We’ve followed the paper trail up View Street. Relax! It’s not another tax evasion expose. Just a hunt for a lone man with ruler and scalpel. We’re told he’s holed up at the Visual Arts Centre. And sure enough, just outside the studio door, tiny triangles of the […]

Around the world in 30 days

Ever wondered where a degree in planning could take you? For one group of students, it’s already led them to seven cities in two countries in one month. Last year’s International Planning Tour visited places as diverse as jam-packed Kyoto, Japan, and Portland, USA – known among students […]