Career engineered in Bendigo

It’s been a big two weeks for final-year students as they sit exams and come-to-face with the future. For Jordan Sens, there’s been no down time. He completed his last La Trobe exam last Wednesday and this week started working in his chosen career. “I wanted to jump straight in,” he says, describing the end... Continue Reading →

Civil engineering students pave the future

  One of Bendigo’s busiest streets could serve as a case study for the transport corridors of the future. Three Bendigo civil engineering students have asked the question, what should busy regional roads look like in 2040? To answer they referred to Napier Street in White Hills to design a template for the “ultimate” sustainable... Continue Reading →

Civil engineering students up the creek

A water storage facility the size of three Olympic swimming pools under the Bendigo Creek and recommendations to stop Geelong’s roads from sinking.... These are just two ideas civil engineering students presented to industry professions last Thursday. The research was part of the students' honours-year studies. Civil engineering students Dechlan Birt, John Cowell and Lachlan Pittaway looked... Continue Reading →

Driven engineer rewarded

La Trobe alumni Tim Dunlop can’t drive down the Calder Freeway without pointing out its finer details to his children. Working on the freeway upgrade was one of the first projects Tim undertook after graduating from civil engineering in Bendigo. “I drive down there all the time and I’m still proud,” he says. Tim was... Continue Reading →

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