Into the Bendigo Art Gallery light

If you could peel back the layers of Karen Annett-Thomas’ paintings you might just find gold. Like the fortune seekers that came and turned our landscape upside down, Karen has likewise mined it. Figuratively speaking. “I see the layers of history, time and place, and my paintings are like that as well,” she says. “They’re layered... Continue Reading →

Gallery changes face

Is it a landscape, is it a colour scheme, is it art? Often that's for the beholder to determine, but for Melbourne-based artist Ash Keating, if his work draws you in, it's a success. "For me, I want to create work that is meditative and that draws people in," he said at the launch of... Continue Reading →

Art award closes September 30

Contemporary art has long stopped Julie Miller Markoff in her tracks. She remembers the first piece she bought, as a 20-something living in Melbourne. The two-metre high Jackson Pollard print in the Brunswick Street shopfront grabbed hold of her and wouldn’t let go. She bought it with one of her first pay packets, and took... Continue Reading →

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