Much-loved FM Courtis Art Collection goes digital

The Bendigo Campus' FM Courtis Art Collection is being professionally photographed in a digitisation project that’s long been on the wish list. La Trobe Art Institute public programs coordinator Dr Karen Annett-Thomas says making the collection viewable online means it can continue to be a valuable teaching and learning resource during online classes. Plus, art... Continue Reading →

Students have Bendigo’s support

Are you thinking of starting uni in second semester? There are many benefits to choosing a regional campus. For one, Bendigo students soon find they have the added benefit the city’s support while studying. La Trobe’s Regional Reward guarantees work placement as part of the campus’ many courses. Bendigo businesses, government agencies, hospitals, media, festivals and... Continue Reading →

Chat room – Simon O’Mallon

If an office reflects the person who works there, Simon O’Mallon’s hints at a beautiful mind. “Have a look around. That’ll help explain where I’m at,” he says. From retro sci fi film posters to Matisse art prints, postcards, photographs, artefacts and quotable quotes, there’s not a dull space, save the ceiling. “I’m thinking about... Continue Reading →

Chat Room – Sarah Mayor Cox

If you wanted to research Sarah Mayor Cox’s life, you need look no further than her office for fodder. “You could write your auto biography in the books you’ve read,” says the education lecturer, almost off-hand, as she scans the spines that line her walls. “My Beatrix Potter books from my childhood are here. There’s... Continue Reading →

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