Warm winter welcome to international students

Bendigo was largely a foreign concept to the new international students who arrived for second semester this week, but it’s a place that’s about to feature heavily in their lives. The students have travelled to this dot on the map from all corners of the globe to advance their education, experience Australian life, and see... Continue Reading →

Starry, starry life

For IT student Jack Tougen, childhood was spent far, far from a computer screen. There's not even electricity where he comes from. Until the age of 12, Jack lived with his grandfather on the tiny island of Paama in Vanuatu, completely off grid. His village had no power, and the only mod con in the house... Continue Reading →

Christmas wishes to come true

This month Bendigo kids start counting the sleeps until a special Christmas arrival. But the man in red has nothing on Sophia Swai. Her children in Tanzania are likewise crossing dates off a calendar. They’re waiting for their mum to come home for Christmas. Sophia has been studying in Bendigo for three years. On her... Continue Reading →

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